Below are questions we often get asked, we hope they are some help to you!

I notice the longest Quad Biking session you offer is 1 hour, can we do longer?
Our quad biking can be quite intense and therefore tiring, we don't recommend sessions longer than 1 hour but you can of course book two consecutive sessions if you wish.

How do I book for quad biking?
You can check availability and book on our website 24 hrs a day, or if you prefer over the telephone or in person. Please note all bookings are final, once a booking is made you will not be able to cancel, however if you pay just a deposit when booking you can change your numbers up to the day before your booking date and use any overpaid deposit towards the balance on the day. We do not offer refunds on deposits or full payments.

We are running late for our booking, is this a problem?
As with all similar activities it is vital that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your booking, if you are running late please contact us to let us know, however please note it is likely your session time will need to be cut or you will not be able to take part.

Can I bring my own quad bike to use on your courses?
Sorry no, our courses are not suitable for you to use your own machine.

Do you have catering facilities ?
We have hot and cold drinks and light refreshments.

What is the minimum age to ride the quad bikes?
You have to be at least 16 years old to ride our quad bikes.

What is the maximum group size?
For Quad Biking to ensure everyone has the best possible experience we will limit the number of people riding together to 5, and the maximum total group size to 10. For paintball the maximum group size is 30.

Will we be riding with other customers?

No! We never mix quad bookings together regardless of your group size. Our Quad Biking is not competitive, all sessions are instructor led to ensure you get the best from your quad biking according to your ability. Quad Biking is a group activity therefore the speed and scope of your experience will depend on the overall ability of your group. We never mix quad bookings together so you will only ride with people you booked in with, regardless of group size.

Do I need to book for quad biking?
No you don't, but we do get very busy during peak times so it is advisable to avoid disappointment.

I am coming Quad Biking with you next week, anything I need to know?
The best advice we can give is to arrive early and wear clothing appropriate for the weather on the day, if its been raining anytime in the week before your booking (even if it hasn't in winter months) wear something warm that you dont mind getting dirty. The latest Nike trainers are very nice, but if you wear them for quad biking they are going to get covered in mud!  We do have coveralls available.

Is your centre easy to find?
Yes it is, we are located so close to the M4 motorway we practically have our own junction! Being centrally located in South Wales and close to all the major trunk roads we are an easy drive from anywhere.

I have never done quad biking before, is your centre suitable for me?
Absolutely, our sessions can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be, we provide full training and our extremely patient instructors are experts in getting even the most nervous person up and running. Our Quad Bikes are suitable for a wide range of abilities and sizes, as part of your training you will be expected to show an adequate level of control over your quad bike, should you be unable to reach a certain standard we may on rare occasions and at our discretion not allow you to take part.

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